Pamela Jones, Former Banker

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PAMELA JONES, FORMER BANKER What is the main issue/problem in this case? How to be a leader and how to motivate and influence employees. Summary of the case: Pamela Jones enjoyed banking. Since her graduation, she applied for employment with a large bank, the ABC Bank of Winnipeg and she was quickly hired. She was enrolled in the bank’s management development program because of her good education, her previous job experience and her obvious intelligence and drive. During her first year in the training program, Jones attended classes on banking procedures and policies and worked her way through a series of low-level positions in her branch. She was proud to be a banker and proud to be member of the ABC bank of Winnipeg. After one…show more content…
Jones had trained for a purpose she wanted. After this training, she got something different then she expected. That is why the situation would not be motivating her. 3) Burns was given extra work and told it was priority work, and he did it well. However, he was punished for not doing his other work. Analyze this situation according to reinforcement theory. What type of behaviour would you expect from Burns in this situation and why ? Reinforcement theory of motivation states that individual’s behaviour is a function of its consequences. This theory focuses totally on what happens to an individual when he takes some action. This theory is a strong tool for analysing controlling mechanism for individual’s behaviour. However, it does not focus on the causes of individual’s behaviour. In this case, Burns was punished for not doing his other work. According to this theory, this is what had to be done. Since Burns could not manage his responsibilities to his company, he deserved to be punished. I would expect him to quit the bank and work for a more specific job. Because he doesn’t seem like a man who can manage the big deals at all. 4) Pamela Jones was going to be transferred to another position in a branch about 100 miles from Vancouver. Do you think it is only her husband’s work that makes her reluctant to take this position? What other motivational elements

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