Pan Troglodytes Essay

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Over the past few decades, it has been established that Pan Troglodytes, better known as the Chimpanzee, and Homo Sapiens share between ninety-eight and ninety-nine percent of the same DNA, making chimps the closest living relative of modern Homo Sapiens. In fact, chimpanzees may even share more DNA with humans than they do with gorillas. It was Mary Claire King, who in 1975 compared the DNA of humans and chimps, proving that the two species were closer relatives than anyone had previously imagined. But beside the fact that chimpanzees and humans share a remarkable amount of DNA, there are many other studies that prove just how ‘human’ chimps are. Perhaps one of the most ‘human’ capacities that we have is our ability to feel. We can feel anger,…show more content…
The extent in which chimpanzees are able to communicate nowhere near reaches a humans ability. Though they are able to make noises and use body language, they lack the cognitive and physical ability to truly speak. Even chimpanzees that spent their whole life in a human environment where they were taught sign language could only, at most, sign a short and incoherent sentence. Though this level of intellect is astounding in comparison to any other species, it nowhere near matches the communication skills that humans have evolved to have. The muscular and skeletal structure that chimps possess also poses a major difference between the species. Perhaps the trademark for Homo sapiens is the fact that we are bipedal. Human ancestors lived in an environment that allowed the benefits of walking on two legs to outweigh the risks, where as the chimpanzees did not. Also, probably for a similar reason, chimpanzees remained much stronger than any modern human. Though our muscular structure is comparable at first glance, the more robust attachment points allow for chimps to carry out tasks with ease where a human would be performing strenuous
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