Pandora 's Playground And Social Media Presence Essay

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Currently, Pandora’s Playground does not have an overwhelming digital presence. Although the tattoo and piercing parlor has accounts on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pandora’s Playground uses its accounts quiter infrequently. In many instances, no posts have been made on Pandora’s Playground accounts within the past three to four months. Going forward, a major goal of the digital marketing plan is to increase Pandora’s Playground’s social media presence. Prior to getting a tattoo, individuals tend to want to see a tattoo artist’s past work and experiences; through implementing more frequent social media posts and promotion efforts, Pandora’s Playground will be able to better serve its customers. Additionally, creating a website as a central location for customers to go to get information will be crucial, allowing individuals to collect all of the information they need-- hours, prices, services-- in one convenient place. To create a stronger media presence, new campaigns will be created to foster more regular posting and customer interaction. “Artist’s Choice of the Week” is a platform for Pandora’s Playground tattoo and piercing artists to capture their favorite piece of work from the week on Facebook and Instagram. By featuring these exemplary tattoos and piercings on social media, fans will be able to better understand the quality and scope of Pandora’s Playground’s work. Similarly, customers can submit their tattoos and piercings

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