Papago Park Pediment

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Papago Park Pediment is the result of erosion. Because it was cut by many small faults, it was uplifted by the fault block. It has a considerably gentle sloping area because the erosion caused the reduction of the upland caused by the smaller faults. The bedrock may be deposited first since it is covered by six meters of callichified colluvium-alluvium. The aggrading valley-fill alluvium created the accumulation of this type of deposit.
Tempe Quadrangle only has rock of Precambrian and Cenozoic Era. First, the oldest rock, metarhyolite, was deposited came from metamorphosed rhyolitic ashes and lava flows. Two different granite intrude the metarhyolite; They are the Tovrea Granite and Camelback Granite. This fist granite is rich in biotite
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