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Anne Sebert Kuhlmann, PhD, MPH TA: Melissa Raguet-Schofield Lana = IPH basement Mon 9-11 * Course: topical modules * Textbook: brief case studies * Posting is on ARES * On case studies: 15 of those 20 days you must come with a written paragraph thinking about the case ahead of time * * * NOTES: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 * * What is Health? Mental/physical well-being WHO (1948): “..a state of completely well-being, physical, social, and mental and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” Most commonly used definition, but still can have criticisms… Exs: “not just a STATE/fixed nature…it can also be dynamic and change within a person” Well-being is very broad and can vary in def.…show more content…
There wasn’t much change even with PH announcements. So the UN employed an anthropologist. Worked on traditional dramas to give out announcements via skits to give out info within cultural skits…improving the pop’s knowledge and have participants in ethnology data collection Two Distinct Definitions between Terms International vs. Global Health: MEANS DIFF THINGS TO DIFF PPL! International- target issues in specific areas pertinent to low and middle-income countries. “response to these health issues as to what we can do to promote health and prevent diseases” Border focus. Responses are constrained due to gov’t regulations and national sovereignty. Often one country tries to put

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