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Professional Behavior Agreement
The purpose of this Master’s program is to develop students as professionals and leaders who will achieve their potential to positively impact their lives, families, communities, and global society. Accordingly, we have high expectations for the professional behavior of our students. We expect the following:

You demonstrate respect for your fellow students, staff, and professors in words and in actions
You attend all classes and arrive on time and prepared to contribute effectively
You prepare adequately for class such that you attend class meetings ready to learn
You take homework and project assignments seriously
You participate for the entire class
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You take steps to diagnose the causes of conflict and address issues in a timely and straightforward manner, talking things out directly and realizing which conflicts are worth confronting and which conflicts are worth avoiding o By accepting responsibility for helping resolve conflicts even if you are not directly involved o By taking initiative to access available resources when internal attempts to resolve conflict are unsuccessful

Please sign below to acknowledge your understanding of these concepts and that you will adhere to them.


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