Paper Towns Identity

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In the novel Paper Towns by John Green, one witness that one of the main themes of the novel is identity. Very few teenagers have a full understanding of their identity, and I would argue that the characters of Paper Towns are no exception. Paper Towns, is about teenager Quentin Jacobson falling in love of his neighbor and schoolmate, Margo Roth Spiegelman. Margo has unique identity, she likes breaking into abandoned buildings and theme parks. After a memorable night with Quentin, Margo runs away from home and goes missing. Quentin fears that she is danger, and he's determined to find her. Overall, I believe that this novel teaches its audience that identity in becoming the person you want to be and not paying attention to anyone's judgment …show more content…

I find that she uses this theory of her to play with Quentin identity. The night Margo and Quentin go out on their adventure, it obvious how Margo takes Quentin out of his comfort zone and he learns how to take risk. However, in the end Margo realized how she fell into her own paper girl theory, she states, “I looked down and thought about how I was made of paper. I was the flimsy-foldable person, not everyone else. And here's the thing about it. People love the idea of a paper girl. They always have. And the worst thing is that I loved it, too. I cultivated it, you know?" (Green 293). This shows how Margo realizes that it's not life nor everyone in it who’s boring, but she’s the one who is boring, and she has to find what she really appreciates and loves in order to have completed her identity and eventually live life to the fullest. Therefore, Margo teaches the audience on how it’s wrong to change a person's identity and how it’s not one’s place, instead one should worry about completing and changing their own …show more content…

"Yeah, well, I wasn’t complimenting you. Just saying: stop thinking Ben should be you, and he needs to stop thinking you should be him, and y'all just chill the hell out" (Green 195). This demonstrates how Radar makes a good point of everyone being different, how we all have different personalities and we should learn how to accept each other's unique identity, instead of trying to change them. Therefore, I admire Radar’s point because he demonstrates how he is a good and true friend to Quentin. I also question how the world be if everyone acted exactly the same? In my opinion it will be quite boring.
In conclusion, by the end of the novel both, Margo and Quentin are confused about what their true identity looks like. They were both too worried about other aspects of life and never consider the fact to find their unique identities. Because, in my opinion everyone is different and has their own unique identity which makes them different, and that’s good because if everyone was to be same, this world would be so boring and

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