Aristotle And Relationships At Work

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Name: Yuanwen Yang
Instructor: Marvin Brown
Course: Ethics: Business issues
Date: 09/20/2012

Paper on Aristotle and Relationships at Work Aristotle is known as one of outstanding thinkers revealing the ideas of eternal wisdom to humanity. No wonder that his ethical ideas on civic relationships still find their reflection in modern-day conceptions of successful life. In the following paper, Aristotle’s ethical findings on the best way of living described in his work “Nicomachean Ethics” will be compared to the findings by modern-day ethical specialists. Overall, evaluating Aristotle’s ethical postulates and the concepts of the best places to work by the Best Places to Work Institute, it appears that there are a lot in common in …show more content…

The Best Places to Work Modern day concepts on civic relationships have a lot in common with the ideas described by Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics even though this important work was written long ago (before 300 B.C.). Despite ethics as science has made a great progress after more than 2000 years that passed since Aristotle wrote his famous Nicomachean Ethics, basic ethical norms are still very similar to those described by the great thinker. One of the examples of this phenomenon is business ethics developed by the Best Places to Work Institute that helps understand the main features of the best place to work for people to be contended with their work choice. Below, the main traits of such places will be addressed on the basis of the information taken from the site of the Best Places to Work Institute. According to the Best Places to Work Institute, the main trait of the best place to work is positive atmosphere at an enterprise that makes excellent day-to-day relationships between employees and managers (“What is a Great Workplace?” par. 2). People may be sure that their working place is the best if 1) they trust their employers, 2) are proud of what they do, and 3) enjoy cooperating with their co-workers. “Trust is the defining principle of great workplaces — created through

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