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In this paper, workplace safety is discussed. Analysis of historical data on workplace accidents were used to establish the need and importance of workplace safety.
Relationship between Safety and Reliability Engineering was established to show how reliability engineering techniques and methods can be used to evaluate, identify risk prone activities and machines, with a view of reducing to the bear minimum the faulty equipment and/or factors that cause workplace accidents.
Safety management and safety programs like
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Alice Hamilton became the first woman physician appointed to a faculty position at Harvard University, where she worked at the School of Public Health promoting safe and healthful work practices in the United States. She has been recognized as the leader of the occupational medicine movement in the United States, which came relatively late compared with that in Europe.
Early humans took necessary precautions to guard against natural hazards around them. Also, in 2000 B.C., Hammurabi, an ancient Babylonian ruler, developed a code known as Code of Hammurabi. This code included clauses on items such as monetary damages against people who caused injury to others and allowable fees for physicians.
It is Workplace Safety has been an age old issue. Humans have always sought to be safe and secure within their workplace while also ensuring the protection and prolong use of machines and equipment.

Timeline for the Development of Safety
- Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD): during grinding tasks, workers were instructed that they must wear masks (historia naturalis)
- 1893 in the USA: Rail Safety Act
- 1938 in the USA: Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act
- 1970: Occupational Safety and Health Act
- Nuclear regulatory commission
- Consumer product safety
- Commission
- National Transportation Safety Board
- Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)

Safety is the preservation of human life and the prevention of accidents and damage
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