Paradise Lost By John Milton

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In Paradise Lost there are many characters that are portrayed as a hero. What qualities can someone show to classify them as hero? A hero is someone who persist against all odds, someone who is willing to plunge into depth of his inner being. Satan is one particular character people question as being a hero in Paradise Lost. In Paradise Lost, Milton explains the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Although in the book he shows Satan as being unheroic, but he still display hero qualities. Satan is ultimately a heroic figure in Paradise Lost because he is able to tolerate the burden of unbearable pain and suffering while he still moving forward and fighting for what he believes in.
Satan can only be a hero to the people who support him. Satan was once one of Gods angles. He was later banned from heaven by God because of his pride. The readers see Satan as a leader and strong influence to his followers. Once Satan began to rebel against God he had been able to persuade others followers to join. When Satan states, “to govern, not to serve” (Revard 216). This lead others angels in heaven to consider freedom and join him to go against God. This showed one of his heroic qualities. He gave speeches often to persuade other. He was able to convince “one third of all the angels in heaven” to join him (Emerson 399). Satan gave speeches through the story and he gain followers mostly every time.
This made others trust in him and establish a leader role. His speeches was so skilled and

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