Paradox Of Fiction

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Fictional works of art are something that is very popular in our culture and draw a large audience, but why is that when the audience knows that what they are watching is solely a made up story? The Paradox of Fiction highlights the problem of experiencing emotions about fictional stories. I think what causes the most questioning is that the audience knows it is purely fictional and in no way real, but we still feel particularly strong emotions nonetheless. The emotions experienced are in fact genuine to the viewer, although they are not genuine in a sense of being how one might respond if they were actually placed in the situation of the characters. I believe that most people use fictional stories to escape their daily lives and focus on something that they can relate to that doesn’t actually affect their life.
Several questions arise when discussing the Paradox of Fiction: “Does fiction matter since it is not reality?”, “How does it come to play on our emotions?”, “Are those emotions real since we would ultimately react differently had it been reality?”. The Paradox of Fiction is hard to understand because we cannot know for sure why we feel the need to get so emotionally involved in a fantasy world. The emotions that surface when we watch a scary movie are seemingly as real as if we were actually in the same situation in our real life. But what causes us to feel this way is something that is still trying to be understood by many. There is no logical, scientific

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