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Mahalia is a highly motivated, and mature student. Since little, she has always been an organized and reliable student. All throughout her school years, Mahalia has been very focused on her school work. In 9th grade, Mahalia decided that she was not being challenged enough in her science curriculum. Therefore, she requested her science curriculum to be focused more on human anatomy and medical science. Thus, with my help, Mahalia and I sought out the best human anatomy and medical homeschool curriculum we could find. Therefore, that is why she has Medical terminology, Anatomy, and Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease, as a few of her science credits. For the whole time that I have taught Mahalia, she has always proved herself to be a highly motivated student. Likewise, she has always been greatly interested in medical science. For this reason, I encouraged her to keep up with her studies in science. Since she has such an interest in medicine, Mahalia decided that she wants to become a doctor. Therefore, she has taken on the hard task of trying to go to medical school to become a doctor. While Mahalia excels in science, she also has many other talents. Such as, her natural talent in art. She was so skilled at art that she was accepted into the Fine Arts Center …show more content…

While there, she said she learned so much about what doctors do, and how amazing their jobs were. At one point of her volunteering at Greenville memorial hospital, Mahalia volunteered for 16 hours a week. Also, Mahalia has volunteered at the Greenville Humane Society, helping to work with rambunctious puppies and kittens. Another program that Mahalia joined is the AHEC health career club, which she attends once a month. At this club, Mahalia learns about all of the diverse careers in health care, does practice quizzes on medical terminology, and learns about different medical

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