Parent Involvement At Wahlert Catholic

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Parent involvement

Parent involvement at Wahlert Catholic is definitely knee deep and rightfully so. The parents in a private school scenario have a greater vested interest in the product that they are receiving because they are paying for a product that they could get for free. This allows for a certain degree of entitlement for their child’s education. This I get and understand, since you are paying for a service, you want to make sure that you are getting the best service possible. Having taught it both a public and private system, I can say the I have definitely noticed the increase of parent involvement in the education practices and in athletics since I moved to private education. My thoughts are that the parental involvement is knee deep because parents here tend to get involved in more than just about how their student is doing in a class or sport. The phrase “knee deep”, to me, involves a level of involvement that includes those issues but then goes into school policy, teacher placement, and how classrooms operate. The difficult part for me in this is not only am I an employee of a private school, but, also, a parent of two children in that same school system. As a teacher, I have experienced a lot of different situations involving parents and my classroom. When I first started teaching AP World History, I had a parent call a special meeting between them, myself, and our principal right after parent teacher conferences. I assumed that the meeting would
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