Parental Responsibility Laws : A Burden On Society

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Parental Responsibility Laws: A Burden on Society When a person enters the world of parenthood some real responsibilities are to be expected. A parent is responsible for their children’s life and wellbeing, as well as their own. Eventually there comes a time in every parent’s life when their little baby is no longer little, or a baby for that matter. That child will grow, learn, influence, and be influenced by many people on their journey from child to adult. Some of the decisions they make may actually break local, state, or in serious cases federal law. Since the 1800’s there has been a push to establish Parent Responsibility laws, which hold bad parents accountable for the criminal actions for their child. These laws punish parents…show more content…
Many parents realize the struggle of how impossible it is to know the exact location or activity of their children as they get older and require space and privacy to develop their sense of self. These laws don’t take into consideration that children need to explore and discover their own path in life, requiring time away from parents. So why are parents being punished for the decisions their child made, if nature is just taking its course? Le Sage continues to argue that, “It should be determined that the moral development of the youngster is deficient or stagnated. After all, if there is no reason to think that there is any developmental delay or shortcoming, then there is no reason to believe that this youngster lacked moral education.” (Le Sage) If a child does not lack moral education how can we possibly pass the blame onto someone else; and if a child does not have a mental deficiency, then shouldn’t they be held accountable for their own actions. These are important factors to consider before placing the blame of a juveniles own actions on their parents. If a child has no impairments or ailments proper education would go further in teaching these kids a lesson than fining or jailing the parents because, they actually have an opportunity to see the mistakes they made and allow them to correct the negative behavior by offering support Many of these parent
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