Parenthood Is A Typical Illustration Of Developmental Psychology

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Parenthood Daniel Baleho The movie parenthood is a typical illustration of developmental psychology in early childhood, middle childhood as well as adulthood. Ecological system and the role of subsystems, socioeconomical status and parenting style is clearly portrayed in it the Buckman family in it. Gil Buckman is a 35 year-old father of three. He works as executive in sales while his wife; Karen stays at home and cares for their children. Their children names are: Kevin, Justin and daughter Taylor. Kevin is the eldest son, while Justin is the youngest. Gil tries to make balance between his career and family. He was not happy about his Kevin because Kevil looks insecure and unconfident. As a result his father thinks he was the reason for his son`s failure. He struggles to avoid being the type of father his father Frank was .old man, On the other hand, Karen, tries to remain calm and supportive. Helen, Gil`s oldest sister is divorced and raising her two children as single parent Her daughter Julie is not obedient to her, she is more interested in her boyfriend and does not care about her education. Gary seems quite. Susan, Gil`s another sister teaches in middle school and she is married to a scientist named Nathan Huffner. Nathan gives their daughter education for her psychological development (cognitive), but Susan is not happy about his controlling nature. Larry, Gil`s youngest brother arrives home after a longtime of disappearance. Frank, The

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