Parenthood: Not For the Faint of Heart Essay

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Whatever the circumstance that initiates parenthood, there is one constant variable - there is a new person in this world needing care. The most qualified people for the job are the parents. True, there are no manuals, but each of us has the basic tools needed to become effective parents.
These tools are programmed into our DNA for survival of the species. The only difference between us and the rest of the animal kingdom, who seem to have no problem raising their young to be self reliant members of their social order, is our self indulgent free will. Effective parenting requires love, patience, strength, resilience, and sense of purpose. Effective parenting also requires a social support system that reinforces and supports the efforts …show more content…

I did not want to pull her from the program, but I did not want things to continue as they were. The situation came to a turning point when the director greeted me at the door as I came to pick Jessica up after bowling one day. I was informed Jessica and her teammates were being completely disruptive and ignored the director’s requests to bowl properly. I told Jessica to apologize to the director and promise to behave in the future. Throwing a look to her new friends, Jessica gave me a sarcastic response. A tactical error of epic proportions! I looked my daughter steely in the eyes and in front of her friends, the director, and the entire bowling league, said in a very slow and calm voice, “If you think I am going to stand by and let you turn into these two (motioning my thumb to her new friends), you’re mistaken. If I have to, I will quit my job and make watching your every move my new profession. We don’t need to shop at Limited Too, Goodwill is just fine. I’ll just call the school and explain the situation. They won’t mind if I sit behind you in every class. Walk behind you in the halls. Sit with you in the cafeteria. When you go to the bathroom, I’ll be there. Nothing is as important in my life as you. So whatever it takes to get you back to the person we raised, that’s what I’ll do. It’s up to you.” As a mother it was my defining moment. I knew she knew I meant every word, and she was not going to call my bluff. Jessica apologized to

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