Parenting Styles And The Upbringing Of A Child

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There are four very different parenting styles that can be used in the upbringing of a child. Uninvolved parenting style is the combination of indifference with limited acceptance and involvement. Parents with this style are negligent and seem to not care about their children. They give nothing and expect nothing. Children with this kind of child rearing experience tend to have depression and anger problems. They also suffer in academics with weak self-regulation. These children, as adults have great difficulties because they cannot adapt to a world full of rules and laws, when they had none growing up. Many of these children and adults may end up in trouble with the law enforcement. Permissive parenting style is when parents are high …show more content…

The Authoritarian parenting style is high on control with no acceptance or understanding, which can even be called oppressive at times. These parents are the highest authority in their homes and are extremely harsh and expect perfection at all times. Children who have been exposed to this parenting style are usually apprehensive and have little to no self-regard. Nevertheless children exposed to this kind of style typically are better athletes and artist because they can perform well in tedious nonstop practices because that is all they know and understand. They perform better under authority. Consequently, these children lack creativity and imagination. They can even be bullied in school due to their submissive and servitude traits. Unfortunately, this may lead to possible suicidal thoughts. Obedience does not automatically mean intimidation. The most successful and effective parenting style up to date is the Authoritative parenting style. This parenting style is the amalgamation of high acceptance and involvement with flexible behavioral control techniques. Authoritative parents are the most successful because they provide a stable environment that invites growth and change instead of stifling it, they also provide a strong resilient family and where their children may feel safe. These parents are the perfect balance between assertiveness and understanding. Children nurtured with this style

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