Parenting Styles And The Upbringing Of A Child

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There are four very different parenting styles that can be used in the upbringing of a child.
Uninvolved parenting style is the combination of indifference with limited acceptance and involvement. Parents with this style are negligent and seem to not care about their children. They give nothing and expect nothing. Children with this kind of child rearing experience tend to have depression and anger problems. They also suffer in academics with weak self-regulation. These children, as adults have great difficulties because they cannot adapt to a world full of rules and laws, when they had none growing up. Many of these children and adults may end up in trouble with the law enforcement. Permissive parenting style is when parents are high on acceptance, but partake in little control and let children make their own decisions. They avoid confrontation and are lenient because they believe that pressuring or disciplining a child is wrong because children should have fun. Children raised in this style are often rebellious, impetuous, and defiant. However, this style allows for creative and innovative children to grow unhindered because they are not “blind followers” of the world as they feel free from the conformity and masters of their own fates. On the other hand, some children need to be pushed in order to do great things. Even raised in this style they can become underachievers or just lazy. If they have been too over-protected or pampered then these children are not able to…
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