Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children

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Over the years studies have found patterns in parenting styles and their effects on children. "Parenting isn’t only a collection of skills, rules, and tricks of the trade (Lloyd, Carol. 2012)”, it defines who you become, reflects your culture and represents values important in a family. Parenting style has a long term impact on a child’s development, success and outlook on life. The three styles of parenting are permissive parenting/hands-off parenting , authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting .Studies revealed that the authoritative parenting style results in the highest success rates for their children in school and in social aspects, thus creating a stable child (Lloyd, Carol.2012). Parenting styles were first introduced in…show more content…
The permissive parent acts in a very easy going or hands off manner. There are very few demands and/ or rules that are expected of the child. The permissive parent is more of a friend than a parent. That, being said, could be seen as a positive or negative. Being too easy going for a child could create boundary issues of authority. The child might not understand the concept of being humble or respecting authority when necessary. This can create behavioral issues. “She presents herself to the child as a resource for him to use as he wishes, neither as an ideal for him to emulate, nor as an active agent responsible for shaping or altering his ongoing or future behavior. She allows the child to regulate his own activities as much as possible, avoids the exercise of control, and does not encourage him to obey externally defined standards (K. H.Grobman, 2008)" The authoritarian is the most demanding and least engaged. They command the child to obey, but do not use effective methods to get the child to understand why they must do what they are told. The authoritarian sees the child as an easily manipulated and neutral being (KH Grobman 2008). They expect the child's understanding of authority and maturity at a very early age and improperly enforce rules on the child. Due to the high demand-low reward method, used by the authoritarian, the child values
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