Parents Are Responsible for Their Children's Crimes Essay

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2. Reflect on how well these terms worked when researching your topic. Use the following prompts to guide you in answering this.
Where did you research?
Did you need to make any refinements?
What would you change to improve the results in future?
What have you learned about the researching process?
You will need to write a full paragraph of approximately 200 words.

I researched my topic on the internet and read through different articles about the relationship between parental responsibility and delinquents in juvenile in google. I made small refinements by removing certain words and changing the key words around in order to find appropriate materials for the topic. They are not many things that changed, but some of the things were not writing the entire question on google in order to find the information, but instead breaking down questions and highlighting keywords. I would change key words to synonyms that mean the same thing that way I can broaden my search. I have learned that I can find the information easily if I break down the question and just choose the keywords. As well as reading a wide range of materials to get different opinions and aspects of the issue.

3. Provide the APA 6th reference list entry for 2 of the sources you have found and intend to use for your essay.
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