Paris Peace Accord Analysis

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The Paris Peace Accords was about ending the Vietnam war that was going on for about 20 years. The Paris Peace Accords was supposing to be a hope for other countries in the world to have peace and never have a war again with other countries. In a book which is called Portrait of a Tragedy: America and the Vietnam War what I had sited from the text it was saying, “The Paris Agreement did not bring about a complete disengagement of the United States from Vietnam. It did mark the end of our direct combat involvement, and that was something which many in the United States were thankful for. For South Vietnam, however, the peace agreement was nothing more than a very short-lived crease-fire.” The 1973 Paris Peace Accord was a long fought battle that ended the Vietnam War and saved millions of lives. The Vietnam War started as the North Vietnamese government and the Việt Cộng were fighting to reunify Vietnam. North Vietnamese will not be able to give up the unity of Vietnam, until the whole Vietnam comes to one, while in South Vietnam, France was coming to war, and later on the United States will come and also attack South Vietnam. Other countries became to attack Vietnam, but they later retreated because it was all out war with them. The other countries that came to Vietnam were South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, and Republic of China. The Vietnam War was out of hand as each side was battling and in America the US combat units was going to be

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