Parkinson Disease : A Brain Disorder

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Parkinson Disease By Teri Gordon BIO 202 Harrisonburg Campus Teri Gordon BIO 202 Kevin Chakos Harrisonburg Campus Research Paper Parkinson Disease Parkinson Disease is a brain disorder that affects movement, loss of muscle control and balance. The first symptoms usually include a tremor of the hand, foot, or leg which is often termed as a “shaky palsy.” The disease usually slowly progresses with symptoms getting more intense over many years. Some patients who develop Parkinson’s in their younger years have faster, more rapid, symptom signs. Much quicker than those who develop the disease at an older age. Most patients develop the disease after the age of 60 and as of 2017, there is still no cure for Parkinson’s Disease. …show more content…

They have trouble eating and writing because of cramping in their hands. Bradykinesia is slowness of voluntary movement. It gets harder for them to initiate movement and to complete movement. This can cause expressionless “mask-like” appearance because this can affect their facial muscles. Postural instability makes it difficult for the individual to maintain balance in their posture. This can cause them to trip and fall. Parkinsonian gait is a more aggressive symptom, this causes the individual to walk with a distinctive shuffle in a stooping position. Most people lose the ability to swing their arms while walking to keep their balance, which can cause them to fall or stumble. The secondary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, also known as Non-motor functions can vary in severity of individuals. They include anxiety, insecurity, stress, confusion, memory loss, dementia, constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, excessive salivation, diminished sense of smell, increased sweating, male erectile dysfunction, skin problems, slowed, quieter speech, monotone voice, and urinary frequency/ urgency. This also includes REM sleep behavior disorder, restless leg syndrome, leg swelling, excessive sweating, double vision, delusions and impulse control disorders. Parkinson can be managed with the use of drugs or deep brain stimulation. These drugs include Sinemet

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