Parole Hearing Summary

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● Sat in on parole hearings with hearing examiners and overlooked the critical process of recommending to grant or deny parole to be under supervised release ● Developed emails to request victim's information from the United States Attorney Office for the notifications process regarding offenders being released to supervision ● Gained access to high security USPC Apps to facilitate an easier way analyze and acquire information upon cases ● Attendance at professional meetings while enduring in group discussion contributing scholarly opinions and feedback ● Assembled and sent out notification emails to offenders CSO’s to notify them of offenders parole hearing ● Created, processed, and issued out subpoenas to witnesses and victims to appear in court utilizing an internal database called prisoners scheduling ● …show more content…

● Experienced a Medium correctional institution in Petersburg, VA for a knowledgeable tour ● Conducted subpoena cancellation letters through a database called Offender Management System (OMS); Document generator (DG) ● Worked side by side and observed colleagues perform their daily duties in references to offenders, victims, and

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