Part One:. “Erin, Eat Your Damn Cheetos!”My Former Classmates

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Part One: “Erin, eat your damn cheetos!” My former classmates have a vivid memory of me screaming those exact words to my best friend across the beach. No one needed to turn their heads to see why I was yelling at her, they all knew the reason. However, had they turned and looked, they would have noticed my best friend leaning against the back of a jeep with a bag of cheetos in her hands as she, in slow motion, slid to sand like jello sliding out of a dish. At which point I trucked through the sand to pick my best friend up, wipe off the sand that had formed a layer over her butt, and shove a bottle of water down her throat. Now, let’s back up a couple hours. It’s 10:00 am on a warm, sunny Saturday and Columbus High School Students…show more content…
I rolled over to find that my best friend had stumbled and tackled me on her way down. However, when she stood up, she was a changed girl. The alcohol had set in and this girl was gone. I dragged her back to our spot and immediately shifted into “mom mode.” Knowing that she hadn’t eaten all day, I gave her the only food we had, a bag of cheetos. I replaced her alcohol cup with a bottle of water and forced her to eat and drink, hoping it would help absorb some of the alcohol she had consumed. The day was rough; I instructed her to stay leaning against the jeep we had come in and to eat the entire bag of cheetos and drink the entire water bottle. I returned to my other friends, never letting her out of my site. I felt safer keeping her awake, therefore, when she would start to drift off I would lead her into the frigid cold ocean where I would “baptize” her. I held her hair as she through up and continuously instructed her to “eat her damn cheetos.” This experience revealed a side of myself that has never before been seen. I was her protector. I had to think clearly and quickly. I have never been known as the “motherly type.” Typically, when things like that happen, I am the last one to stand up. However, seeing my dear friend in such a state seemed to flip a switch. I was no longer interested in fulfilling my hopes for the day, but instead I was concerned of my friends well being. I learned that when it comes to my loved ones no amount of vomit can scare
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