I Am A Woman Named Mary Essay

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There lived a woman named Mary. Mary was a widow, who had a son. Her son was named Mike. He was a college student. On a beautiful Saturday morning, Mary got up from bed with excitement. Last night her son came home from college to spend the weekend with her. She got up and made waffles, his favorite food. The house smelled of crispy, buttery waffles with fresh cut up fruits. She loved the smell of waffles, that’s one thing major thing she had in common with her son. She had an eery feeling, it felt like something was going to happen. She didn’t want to be paranoid so she decided to wake up her on. “MIKEE” she yelled. No answer, He must be exhausted she thought. She thought of a great idea: breakfast in bed. She put the waffles on a tray and a glass cup of hot chocolate with 4 marshmallows, just the way he liked it. She climbed the long staircase, which seemed to never end. She reached his room. She knocked the door three times, no answer. She went into his room, and her heart sank. “Cling” went the tray as it hit the floor. The cup spilled and shattered into a million different pieces. There was blood everywhere. The bed sheets were white and had blood stains in it. On the floor was a pool of blood. She walked over to the bed, stepping on the glass not minding her feet. She lifted the bed sheets, and there she saw her beloved son. He had a bullet wound to the head. She cried out loud in agony. “NOOOOOO!!” She shrieked. Downstairs she heard a door open. A young boy came
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