Partisan Media Analysis

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The article begins by explaining the main purpose for the research inquiry. If this recent election has proven anything, it is that there is vast wealth of election coverage. Citizens can now access political information, and news coverage from almost anywhere through a variety of mediums. This increased access has opened a new dimension. Partisan media effects have been researched in the past. However, this article points out that there is a lack of inquiry on the timing of partisan media influence during the election cycle.
A common mistake that occurs during past research is the assumption that partisan media effects are static. This however, is not the case. The article points towards an evolving and dynamic media effects during election cycles. To …show more content…

This shows a diminishing return effect. More exposure repeatedly reduces the effect. These two referenced influences set the stage for the following research designs.
The two surveys utilized data from the National Annenberg Election Study. The data was retrieved using Internet and telephone collection methods. An advantage to this method was the utilization of two pools of sampling. The pools were each collected from the Internet, and one telephone. Also, the author used already available data. This significantly reduced the time and financial strain that a survey could take up. The sample was collected through random digit dialing and availability to the Internet. This adds to the reliability of the results. Traditional phone surveys use a set list of phone numbers. This would exclude those who have private or unlisted numbers. This problem is avoided with random digit dialing. The surveys were conducted during four different waves. The waves were from winter, spring, summer, and fall waves. The winter wave resulted in 19,190 respondents. The spring wave resulted in 17, 747 interviews. The summer wave included 20,052 interviews. The fall wave resulted in 19,241 respondents. To be

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