Partito Democratico

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The Partito Democratico, in particular, is the political party that better embodies the idea of inclusiveness as a substantive features. It is not a case if the birth of the party has been celebrated through an open and direct selection of the party leadership where members and voters were allowed to cast their preference. Intra-party democracy, as it is intended the open and direct selection of the party leader, became a distinctive trait of the Partito Democratico (despite the critics that often come from inner circles of party élites). Renouncing to these inclusive procedure may be a risk for the party, this beacouse in a sort of contagion effect also other Italian political parties. Even if the maximum level of inclusiveness is still a …show more content…

Indeed, selectors who are not formally enrolled may enjoy by casting their vote for the party leader - as in the case of the Partito Democratico - a different experience of militancy with low costs and high benefits if compared to the full engagement of the party member. This is a crucial issue in understanding the impact of inclusive procedures on party organization, especially in the light of a candidate-centered parties and a such personalized context. The adoption of open and direct election for appointing the party leader lead to a new relationship between the party and its members on the one hand, and between the party and its supporters. The external legitimacy derived from the external body of supporters may weaken the control of middle level élites on the party leadership? According to Katz and Mair this is a quite obvious consequence. Inclusive procedures may marginalize the role of the party in central office and its capability to determine and participate effectively in party decision processes. On the other hand, the effect of inclusiveness may also redefine the very role of party

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