Parvana's Journey To Parvana

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After a while Parvana went back to work, Shauzia was very glad to see parvana because she planned her whole journey to flee Afghanistan to go to Paris. Shauzia was saving up money ever since for her ticket out of Afghanistan. Parvana was surprised but supported Shauzia no matter what. Even though Shauzia would have to leave her family and let them suffer, she did not want to ruin her life. Ever since parvana left her business for a while, the window lady hadn't give any gifts to parvana. It felt like something happened to the window lady in Parvana's perspective, but she couldn't do anything about it. When Parvana returned home that night her family was awaiting to her good news. Nooria was getting married in Mazer Sharif where there was more freedom so Nooria can finish school.…show more content…
She wanted to stay in Kabul in case her father came around, mother argued with parvana but after thinking she knew if Parvana went to the wedding everybody would question why parvana looked like a boy. Mother had no choice but to leave Parvana and Mrs. Weera
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