Passing on Students Who Are Not Academically Ready Essay

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Introduction Mary Sherry, was the owner and developer of research and publishing organization in Minnesota, she discussed the problem of passing on the students in the narration. How these practices of educational institutes negatively affect the practical lives of students in long-run is also presented in this essay. This topic is very important because there are thousands of university and educational institutes which are operating and producing millions of graduates. However most of these students have limited knowledge about their subjects and its importance in practical field. When they enter in job market, they face several difficulties and tough challenges of high competition. In addition to this, one of the motivational approaches …show more content…

There are several real-life examples in which practice of “passing-on” can be observed. However very few teachers take active part in identifying root cause of problem and taking an important decision about the ways to motivate kids. The information is appropriately presented in an essay and because it was the first hand experience of the writer, it is significant and reliable. However, there are some of the terms, which might create confusion for the readers e.g. the concept of “flunking” was relatively new and instead of explaining it, the writer directly move towards its usage in school. Overall, this essay is well written and presented one of the most critical issues of educational system. I agree with the writer’s perspective of different problems associated with students and educational institutes. However, it is important to notice that this essay was written in 1991. The problems of students of current age are far more advanced because there is an influence of media, digital technology on the students. Kids spends more time on internet, games and similar activities which deviates them from their studies. Therefore just threats of failure might not influence them in the way they were motivated before. Conclusions The writer has successfully achieved her objective by defining the core problem of educational institutes and then pinpointing the way to solve

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