Patient Behavioral Interventions: A Case Study

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policies and therapies. In caring for this patient, USPSTF guidelines should be followed and multicomponent behavioral interventions should be initiated. This would include 12 to 26 sessions in the first year focusing on setting weight loss goals, managing diet/nutrition and increasing physical activity. It is also recommended that barriers to change be addressed with the patient at each visit and techniques to maintain lifestyle changes (Seals, 2007). The patient should be educated about pharmaceutical agents as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle and then she can make an educated decision. The case study patient is taking Saxenda (liraglutide) 3.0mg subcutaneous injection daily but has yet to see substantial improvement in weight loss. The patient should be educated on proper injection techniques and possible side effects such as nausea which can be dose related (Pi-Sunyer, et al. 2015). Leadership…show more content…
There needs to be a thorough understanding of the healthcare system at the provider's site, local services, as well as an understanding of the healthcare model nationally. As a leader, the APN could help create a community exercise program and nutritional classes with healthcare professionals providing education and guidance. It would be easy for a provider to simply tell this patient to eat fewer calories and exercise more but as a leader of healthcare a full assessment of the community and its resources should be performed. There should be a full discussion with this patient to assess her availability of healthy foods, clean water and safe areas to perform exercise. If barriers are found the
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