Patient Confidentiality Is A Sensitive Issue

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Patient confidentiality is a sensitive issue. So the question whether breaching of patient’s confidentially in certain circumstance is justified? Then it will depend on the circumstances that was involved. In the Australian Medical Association Code of Ethics under the section of the doctor and the patient with subsection of patient care, it is stated that “Maintain your patient 's confidentiality. Exceptions to this must be taken very seriously. They may include where there is a serious risk to the patient or another person, where required by law, where part of approved research, or where there are overwhelming societal interests.” (1) During my rehabilitation training, I have come to learn that it is important to respect a person’s confidentiality. I find it particularly challenging in the area of brain injury. Certain individuals with brain injury especially those with severe injury are unable to express their own opinion or concerns and this will then fall to their next of kin or those with medical power of attorney. I had encountered in situation where the family member felt that the confidentiality of a patient had been breached by one of the staff. The situation escalated to the head of the department and a thorough examination and interview with all party involved were conducted to understand the situation and also to rectify it as soon as it occurs. In this circumstances, the family member had been the active party because the patient in question had suffered a
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