Patient Safety And Interdisciplinary Communication. Introduction.

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Patient Safety and Interdisciplinary Communication
Communication between patients and all members of their health team is essential for positive outcomes for the patient Following the seven principles of communication, utilizing communication tools to improve interdisciplinary communication such as SBAR and team huddles, and the importance of ethical principles are ways to maximize communication between all members of the patients’ health care team.
Principles of Communication
Ineffective communication between health care members can lead to patient harm and medical errors (MacLean, Kelly, Gaddes, & Della, 2017, p. 90). Being able to communicate with all members of the health care team is essential for patient safety. …show more content…

The fifth principle, the right information, calls for the patient to be presented with all the options in the treatment plan, including cost, risks, and alternative options. Transparency and full disclosure are the sixth principle. The clinician is responsible for outlining all information of the different treatment options. The patient also needs to open and honest about health history and economic status to ensure the correct options can be made. Continuous learning is the seventh principle. The patient and the clinician continue to have open dialogue even after the treatment plan has been made. This will allow for changes to made if necessary and will also provide updates on health status (Paget et al., 2012). Applying these seven principles in practice contributes to a better outcome for the patient. I use at least three of the principles when working in my clinics.
I am one team member of a multidisciplinary clinic, so I am very aware of the importance of effective communication. The clinic is comprised of the physician, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a physical therapist, a psychometrician, and a developmental psychologist. Our clinic is designed to assess the developmental, psychosocial, and physical needs of a child that has been adopted internationally. During the intake process, I gather information from the family such as behavior, acute illness concerns, preferred language,

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