Nursing Communication : Teamwork And Communication In Nursing

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Teamwork and Communication in Nursing
The main building blocks to have a functioning health care system that is focused on patient centered care consists of teamwork and communication. Effective team work and communication not only prevents mistakes, it delivers safe and reliable patient care. Communication consists of spoken, non-verbal and or written language. In this essay we will discuss a few useful communication tools, how communication impacts nurses and the entire health care team, and how it affects patient care and outcomes. Theoretical Principles
To have a great communication team, we first must identify characteristics of a good team. Some characteristics to search for are, good communication, respect, appropriate skill mix, a clear vision, team processes, flexibility, leadership and management (Nancarrow, S. A., Booth, A., Ariss, S., Smith, T., Enderby, P., & Roots, A. 2013). A good collaborative team needs to make sure to provide patient focused services that utilizes feedback to continue to improve the quality of care. A few tools that are used for communication is the repeat back method and Situation Background Assessment and Recommendation (S.B.A.R.). The repeat back method is a closed loop communication model that consists of one nurse “the sender”, reporting information to another nurse which is the “receiver”. The nurse receiving the information then reiterates what was just said so that the sender acknowledges communication was successfully understood
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