Patient 's Wishes Verses Family

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Patient’s Wishes Verses Family’s While looking at Ella’s scenario there are many different issues that come up pertaining to treatment alternatives. There are issues that arise whether natural, traditional and spiritual or modern medicine is the best for Ella’s situation. While modern medicine could be the best choice the traditions and beliefs play a large part in the decision making of the care she will receive. With Ella having a very diverse family, there are many micro, mezzo and macro influences that effect the both Ella and her family. The different options for Ella treatments all have their benefits and drawbacks. While looking at all for the options it is important to provide the best care possible for the patient and family. Throughout this paper I will be using Ella, the grandmother from the Introduction to the Miller Family as an example to provide information on how to prove the best care and support in these types of situations. (Smith, 2013) Ella has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has been treating it naturally. She has chosen to treat naturally because she grew up on a farm and believes in natural healing verse modern medicine. She is married to John who is an American Indian and her family is a very diverse family. She has a fairly large family and Ella’s breast cancer affects not only her emotionally and symptomatically but her family who are each affected differently per individual. With Ella being raised on a farm she has very strong beliefs of
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