Patterns Of Knowing In Nursing

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Application of the patterns of knowing is very pertinent to nursing in the delivery of care and improvement of health. Patterns of knowing are everyday nursing. We consciously or subconsciously use these patterns in the fields of nursing to provide care. Barbara Carper (1978) identified four fundamental patterns of knowing to include: personal, empirical, ethical, and aesthetic knowing. These aforementioned patterns of knowing are the fundamental structures that help nurses in advancing their professional knowledge and experience. I have in the course of my professional calling, integrated the patterns of knowing in making ethical decisions by applying; critical questioning, asking questions such as what is wrong with this picture, what changes are needed; Creative processes by exploring and clarifying; formal expressions by using evidence based practice, and authentication processes by validating, and reflecting. One of many situations where I integrated the patterns of knowing was when I took care of a patient admitted to the hospital with lower extremity diabetic ulcer. This patient had a history of diabetes and morbid obesity. Also, her medication administration record showed that she was on insulin round the clock; 100 units of detemir Q AM, 50 units of detemir Q PM and 15 units of Aspart with each meal. Based on my personal nursing knowledge, I was concerned about the patient going into hypoglycemic state. According to Chin and Kramers p. 131, (2011), “Aesthetic
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