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The college athletes of their respective sports today, have the opportunity of showcasing their talents in competition on local and national programming on a regular basis which has lately brought attention this controversy, paying college athletes. The issue was brought on by the athletes over time, then caught onto coaches, sports columnists, and fans. The athletes dedicate themselves to the sport to a caliber comparable to the professional tier. The idea of paying the athletes could be considered as they play major factor in reputation of their schools, as well as funds for their schools. However most colleges do not have profitable sports teams. Thus, paying athletes would prove to be a very difficult endeavor and this could destroy …show more content…
They practice, they travel for games, and they represent their school. They also put themselves in the way of personal injury. In the article, “In Defense of Cheering”, by “New York Times” writer, Jennie Yabroff, she demonstrates just how hard individuals on a cheerleading squad work. “One member has a broken rib. The other a possible concussion from a nasty fall. A third wraps a compression bandage around a sprained ankle. They’ve been practicing day and night, focusing on their sport to the exclusion of most everything else, and the strain is showing” (Yabroff, p. 524). These athletes spend a tremendous amount of time and energy preparing to compete. According to former Nebraska Senator, Ernie Chambers, “[College athletes] are unpaid workers, and in big-time college athletics, not just football, there are no amateurs, you’re a professional. They call it a scholarship, fees, books, tuition and so forth. What I want is the athletes to have some spendable money”. Advocates argue that they don’t necessarily want these students to make large sums of money, just some spending money.
Although, there are also many benefits to playing college sports that aren’t monetary. Yes, student athletes do get significant financial aid packages, but they also get to experience something more. When students join a college sports team they form a relationship with people from different areas,

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