Essay On Paying College Athletes

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Paying College Athletes Imagine a business that was bringing in millions of dollars every year in revenue solely off the employees, and the individuals who are working to bring in the money, do not see a cent of it. This is essentially how college athletes feel at their respective universities. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is seeing $11 billion dollars in revenue come through their doors annually, and not one penny goes back to the student athletes who, in reality, create that money. The money is passed down through the executives, directors and coaches, but none is given to the players. With putting in an average to 43 hours per week, which is more than the average work week, student athletes can be compared to …show more content…

The student athletes at most universities can be compared to employees, yet receiving no wages (Cooper 12). Along with time in the classroom and being a full-time student, athletes are expected to spend just as much time on their respective sport. In an article “Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid,” Dave Anderson explains that a college athlete spends just over 43 hours a week devoted to their sport. Those hours are spent with mandatory lifting workouts, conditioning workouts, watching film, position meetings, and practice. As I stated earlier, all this time that is spent on their sport is in addition to the time spent in the classroom with homework and studying. All of that added up well surpasses the time of the average work week at 40 hours and these athletes can quite honestly be looked at as workers for their universities. A few problems arise as a result of the athletes overloaded schedule. With barely any room for free time, these athletes have no chance at obtaining even a part time job to earn money for things that a full scholarship simply does not cover. 85 percent of college athletes on a scholarship live below the poverty line, this fact found in a 2011 report (Mitchell and Edelman). That fact is surreal considering millions of dollars are being made of these athletes and well over half of them are below the line. With the overloaded schedule the athletes time to eat often does not align with the hours of operation of the cafeteria which can

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