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Pedagogy focuses on educating children. In pedagogy, teachers decide what will be learned, how it will be learned, and why it is important that it be learned. Teachers are in charge of the learning process. This is a more controlled learning environment, making it more effective in children than in adults. A controlled learning environment can cause resentment and cause the learner to not want to learn because they can't learn on a level that is comfortable and effective for them. Andragogy was first only focused on helping adult learners. One belief listed in the adragogic model is that learners won't learn until they are ready and motivated by overcoming restrictions such as behaviors, beliefs, and learning. Andragogy is embraced by Bethel University and its professors. Besides learning being the focus of both styles, there aren't many …show more content…

In the age we live in, you can't go throughout like and not learn. In order to be a self directed lifelong learner, you have to participate in life and learning with a purpose. It requires you to have an open mind and attitude for learning. Four skills needed to be a lifelong learner are: investigation, analytical thinking, effective communication and collaboration. Investigation includes asking questions to use right people and being able to use the information correctly. Analytical thinkers use collected information and compares and examines them. Effective communicators focus on an understanding between all parties more than being heard. Listening is a very important characteristic of effective communication. People who have a skill in collaboration take advantage of working with others. They are able to use new people, information, and situations to learn more. When all of these skills are used together, you are able to always learn new things, you just have to be open to taking in the new

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