The Application Of Pedagogical Principles

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Analyse the application of pedagogical principles in own area of specialism Pedagogy is a word that is used to describe the art and science of teaching. Pedagogical roles are the many and varied that a teacher may perform while teaching, such as structuring, soliciting, responding and reacting. Other roles involve assessing, criticising, discussing, encouraging, enquiring, evaluating, explain, giving individual instruction, lecturing, organising, presenting, questioning and answering, repeating and reviewing and team teaching and tutoring etc. (L.Walklin 2000; pg 175) In my own specialist area (Maths) I used pedagogic technologies like Power points for delivering the sessions, and for messages I would use E-mail, SMS and Twitter. For assignments I would prefer my students to use Digital library, E-books, Websites and Newsfeeds. Sometimes I give tasks like Statistical analysis, Data analysis, Spreadsheet, and Search engine to my learners to do independent work on computers. I also do Computer-based assessment tools e.g. multiple choice questions and quizzes. I also involve my students to design their own Maths posters on specific topics using computer design tools e.g. Presentation tools and Multimedia presentation. 1.2) Evaluate the effectiveness of use of creative and innovative approaches in own area of specialism To make a purposeful, inclusive learning and teaching environment in my sessions I use a variety of creative and innovative approaches, for example I would
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