Pedestrian Safety Essay

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A local college woman was critically injured and ended up in a coma after being involved in a hit-and-run. The woman was walking along Route 46 when she was struck by a dark-colored pick-up truck just after midnight on October 9. The driver took off after hitting the woman. While it can be a scary experience to realize you have struck a pedestrian, whether it is your fault or not, there are several things you should do.
• Stop your vehicle right away. Pull off to the side of the road, if possible. Do not flee the scene.
• Check to see if the person is alright. If you were in a parking lot or somewhere else where you were driving slowly, the pedestrian may have minimal injuries. If you were driving faster, injuries might be more extreme.
• If medical attention is needed for the pedestrian, call 911. You may need to administer CPR or help the injured person in other ways.
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• Even if injuries seem minimal or non-existent, call the police to report the accident.
• Ask any witnesses to stay and provide a statement for the police. If they cannot stay, get their contact information so the police can get a statement from them later.
• Stay at the scene until police have arrived, you have provided a statement, and they have authorized you to leave. This is important, even if the pedestrian has refused medical attention and taken off.
• While some people assume they are fine as long as they stop to see if the pedestrian is alright, you can actually be accused of a hit-and-run if you leave before police have arrived and gotten your statement.
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