Pediatric Medicine Is a World of Different Children's Diseases

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Pediatrics--(adjective) the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases--is an intriguing career. It brings you into a world filled with different diseases, families, and seeing kids grow. Its filled with children, their health, lots of college, and solving problems. There are many features, responsibilities, challenges, schooling, interest, skills, and planning involved in achieving all of this. Some features include being able to see little kids of many different ages, genders, and races. With the kids of many different ages you can see the different varieties of what they have contracted, how they contracted it, and how to solve it. Most of the time, you get to stick with the same family from the time the child …show more content…

You have to go to school for 11 years after you go to high school. First you have to go to four years of undergraduate college, next you have to go to four years of medical school, last you have to do three years of residency, which is when you have to work in a hospital as a “regular doctor.” Then you have your 11 years of schooling. All throughout this you learn what you need to know, the facts, and what you need to do in an emergency. This job has many interesting details about it. One of them is seeing people grow. You get to discover how things work and why they work that way. You learn things that you have never learned before. You get to solve problems on a daily bases, this makes your job even more interesting. You never know what to expect, which is always fun, when you don’t know what to expect, some emergency’s make it even more fun In order to get into this job you need a certain skill set. Mainly you need to have a love for children. Your love for children will really help push you through hardships and difficulties. When you have a child in your office, you will most likely have a distressed parent and a sick child, and you have to be able to calm down both of them without scarring them. The parents are most likely worried and concerned, while the child just wants to feel better. You also should be able to speak at the patients level. So if

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