Pediatric Pathology Personal Statement

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When I first started medical school, I did not know what Pathology entailed as a specialty. My original goal was then to become an oncologist, pushed by my enthusiasm for the diagnosis process and a strong personal interest in the pathogenesis of cancer. Before then, I had always found the meticulous search and gathering of clues to support a discovery to be mentally stimulating. I was never bored. This is why I had been drawn to research during my undergraduate studies in biochemistry and later choose to renew my efforts and complete a Master on the subject of molecular genetics, giving me valuable research experience in histology, oncology and the histopathology of cancer. This passion continued to shape my life and my aspirations during medical school while I discovered the field of Pathology.

During my first contact, I found histopathology confusing. I did not know what I was looking
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I will always remember the anxiety often displayed by both physicians and patients awaiting the results of a biopsy. The relief felt after receiving favourable results. And also, the weight put upon a pathologist’s shoulder. I remember one specific occasion during my clerkship in Paediatric Pathology when I was assisting a Fellow in an ambiguous case that showed both the features of a chondroma and of a sarcoma. We both knew that a diagnosis of sarcoma would cost the child his leg. But a mistake on our part could cost him his life. I was able to fully appreciate that the immense rewards of pathology are balanced with a heavy responsibility toward vulnerable patients for whom a pathologist mistake can cause an adverse outcome. This experience would demonstrate to me the utmost importance of preparation, teamwork, as well as thorough pathological work-up for the benefit of the patient, and renewed my intense determination to become an expert that goes beyond expectations in
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