Peer Presure at School

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Peer Pressure at School Every human being has an inner feeling of wanting to belong somewhere. Even belonging to one’s family is not enough. Individual will strive to belong to a wider group existing within his or her environment. Consequently, this exposes one to peer pressure. Peer pressure is the influence exerted on an individual by a person or a group to do something or act in a manner that he or she would otherwise not consider doing on his or her own. It has traditionally been associated with the teens. True to that, teenagers are the most affected by peer pressure, especially during their adolescent years. Nonetheless, even adult occasionally suffers from this pressure. People who share certain similarities such as social status, background, and age are likely to bond with each. Within their interaction there will exist some form of influence equivalent to peer pressure. Important to note is that although peer pressure has traditionally been perceived negatively, it can greatly benefit an individual provided one understand it and conforms to the right pressure. Peer pressure consists of positive and negative interactions between adolescents resulting in a change of behavior. It can range from friendly competitions of getting good grades to negative behaviors resulting in drug use. Peer pressure not only can be bad peers may teach you good and it encourages you to follow them it is a constant daily issue in today’s youth. Peer pressure is very influential sources of

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