Peggy Sturmfels 's Birth Parents

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Peggy Sturmfels was adopted in the early 1990’s when she was two weeks old. Her birth parents were just teenagers and couldn’t even take care of themselves therefore they felt it would be in Peggi’s best interest if they allow her to get the best life possible with someone who could provide for her. They opted for a closed adoption because at the time no one knew she was even pregnant. Her adoptive parents John and Gabrielle Sturmfels agreed with Peggy’s birth parents and vowed not to tell her about the adoption. To her birth parent’s wishes John and Gabrielle gave Peggy the best life a child could imagine, she was their little princess and they treated her like royalty. Peggy was sent to the best schools and graduated high school as valedictorian. After graduation John and Gabrielle had a huge surprise for Peggy; they were going to allow her to attend the college of her dreams: UCLA. Peggi had dreamed to go there but her parents did not feel comfortable with her being so far away from home. Three months later Peggi had packed up and had started her first semester of college. She was doing very well and passing all her classes so she felt it was time for her to have a night to just relax and have some fun. Her friend Abby suggested that they go to one of the Frat parties close to their dorm. Peggy agreed and they went. At the party there was drugs and alcohol everywhere and Peggi didn 't feel comfortable but Abby insisted she stayed and referred to her as a “party pooper”.

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