Pelvic Exam Essay

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Pelvic Exam

A pelvic exam is an exam of a woman's outer and inner genitals and reproductive organs. Pelvic exams are done to screen for health problems and to help prevent health problems from developing. You should start having pelvic exams when you turn 21 years old, unless your health care provider recommends having a pelvic exam earlier. Talk with your health care provider about how often you should have a pelvic exam.
During your pelvic exam, your health care provider may ask you questions about your health, your family's health, your menstrual periods, immunizations, and your sexual activity. The information shared between you and your health care provider will not be shared with anyone else.

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Your health care provider may feel your breasts to check for abnormalities.
• An exam of your abdomen. Your health care provider may press on your abdomen to check for abnormalities.
Pelvic exams may vary among health care providers and hospitals. The following things are usually done during a pelvic exam:
• You will remove your clothes from the waist down. You will put on a gown or a wrap to cover yourself while you get ready for the exam.
• You will lie on your back on a special table. Your feet will be placed into foot rests (stirrups) so that your legs are wide apart and your knees are bent. A drape will be placed over your abdomen and your legs.
• Your health care provider will examine your outer genitals to check for anything unusual. This includes your clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening, labia, and the skin between your vagina and your anus (perineum).
• Your health care provider will examine your inner genitals. To do this, a lubricated instrument (speculum) will be inserted into your vagina. The speculum will be widened to open the walls of your vagina.
○ Your health care provider will examine your vagina and cervix.
○ A Pap test, cervical biopsy, or cultures may be done, as
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