Penelope And Sita In Homer's The Ramayana And The Odyssey By Homer

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Penelope and Sita do not fight frightening monsters; they do not attract the anger of the gods; they do not journey to the struggle of Hades to be reunited like Odysseus or they do not go to an exile like Rama did with Viswamitra to master skills. However, they are heroes to me because of their sincerity, loyalty, purity, and respect toward their beloved husband and the people. When comparing these two novels, The Ramayana by R. K. Narayan to The Odyssey by Homer, Sita’s represents the epitome of by her Indian culture that has alike values with the Ancient Greek culture concerning faith and family ties. Even though women weren’t treated equally to the men during that time, it’s interesting to see how these two characters place their trust toward their husband to keep their family happy and they are the hidden heroes of those stories.
Sita is a hidden hero because she shows respect, pure, sincere, and loyalty to her beloved husband even when she was tortured. Sita, Rama's wife, is the rebirth of the goddess Lakshmi. She’s a young beautiful woman, who is in love with Rama. Sita accompanies Rama into the forest on his "quest" and was nabbed by Ravana. When Ravana abducted her, he imposed her to marry him. She was very loyal to her husband and refused Ravana. In the novel Ramayana, it states that Sita accepts the torture of Ravana and Demon Rakshasa, but still doesn’t accept Ravana as her husband. Sita dismisses Ravana’s advances, guard. Even when Rama started losing faith in

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