People Find Themselves Facing New Challenges. These Challenges

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People find themselves facing new challenges. These challenges may come by surprise or something the person wanted to do. In the article, “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris he describes having to face a new situation and overcoming the obstacles. Being faced with a new challenge could make a person face their fears in life rather than turn away. The article 's theme of learning to adapt to change is a critical life lesson for everyone because it can teach us and also show us the abilities to tackle any challenge in which reduces miscommunication, misinterpretation, and self-conscious issues. An increase of confidence can help manage a better perspective on the obstacles that arise and also make it easier to accept constructive …show more content…

The way this supports the author 's goal is that it relates to his determination. Sometimes to become better you must learn and understand the environment around you. Hence his experience trying to adapt to a new setting trying to learn another language. Nothing in life is given to you. You must be willing to work for it in order to succeed. If you don 't challenge yourself in life, you will never learn how to push yourself to become better when your back is against the wall. This is the lesson the teacher wanted the students learn.
The second key point is how the author(Sedaris) interacts with others. He expressed the fears of the classroom and how they affected him outside the classroom. Miscommunication was caused from him being distant due to the intimidation he felt in the new setting. His teacher being tough on him is another way of him being distant and intimidated. The teacher showed many ways of being tough on her students. One comment mentioned by the author works well supporting this key point. It says, "I hate you,” she said to me one afternoon. Her English was flawless. "I really, really hate you." Call me sensitive, but I couldn 't help taking it personally. (Sedaris) Students see this as embarrassing for them because of the aggression and toughness from their teacher. This kind of behavior would make

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