Perception And Scale Are Permanently Bonded

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As human beings it sometimes appears that we are subject to our psychology as opposed to having control over it. Almost every decision we make, every thought that crosses our minds, every emotion that affects us has been created by an invisible process by our brain, a brain that doesn 't feel the need to explain its reasoning to us. Whether or not God exists, it is clear that we are beholden to forces we do not, and can not control. This was something I felt more than ever in our past couple weeks of humanities. In this time I learned that perception and scale are permanently bonded. It is only by coming to grips with scale up close, and far away that we may find balance in our perspective. We need to see things from far away to understand them, but it is by looking at them up close that we make them feel human and real. Without either of these perspectives we stunt our potential understanding as learners, as thinkers, and as people who understand what it means to be alive as humans.
It is sometimes hard to see the point of looking at things up close. Why would we deliberately miss so much of the picture by focusing on just one small piece of it? I believe that an up close viewpoint is important to maintain to prevent psychic numbing and to maintain the humanity of events that we have no direct connection with. When learning about the history of the universe and of life zooming out too much can prevent you from empathizing with people from history. We have a tendency as

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