Perception Of Strength And Limitations Of The Managers

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Perception of Strength and Limitations of the Managers Hanna was very organized in her day and made a checklist of things to do required of each charge nurse. She would check the crash cart that all materials were there and not expired and to make sure that all equipment was working properly. She also did tasks such as making sure all materials were stocked and if any were needed she would call Central Supply. She would also make trips down to the overflow IMC unit to check on the nurses there and would call down regularly for updates. After all the morning checks she would look over the patient manifest to see who was going to be discharged and downgraded and made room for potential incoming patients. Hanna was very efficient and …show more content…

There was tremendous amount of team work I observed with the unit. When there was an emergency call light, multiple available nurses would rush to the room to help. Another limitation I saw was the nurses’ station desk was full of papers. Hanna would multiple times forget where she would put a list and would search around for it for a few minutes. But overall, Hanna was a very good and organized charge nurse. She knew about all the patients on her floor and was able to actively give suggestions of downgrades and discharges. She was able to catch mistakes such not having orders for foleys. She also suggested putting up signs that say “wash hands” on hand sanitizer dispensers outside of contact precaution rooms to remind nurses that they needed to wash their hands after leaving the room.

Discussion of Responses to the Management Position and Management/Leadership Styles. After observing Hanna for the shift, I feel like the Transformational Leadership Style is very effective in leading an Intermediate Care Unit. Hanna was able to gather information from all nurses about their patients and gather their opinion of the next step in their plan of care. Hanna was able to promote teamwork among the staff, encourage positive self-esteem, motivate staff to function at a high level of

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