Perceptions of the Inferior Gender

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Perceptions of the Inferior Gender
Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. Many women who have encountered discrimination will be the victim of loss of income and loss of opportunity to their own detriment. An alternative to being the target of continuous discrimination is to speak up. I have worked in the IT field for 13 years. I have been sexually harassed, the target of countless gender role discrimination and have experienced the motherhood penalty first-hand. Going to human resources for support and action has never remedied the situation nor has the offending part been reprimanded. Although traditional sexism has substantially declined since the 1950’s, modern sexism is alive and well. The following is an analysis of contemporary issues associated with gender and power in the workplace; which will specifically include a discussion of the gender wage gap, the motherhood penalty and sexism.
Women typically hold lower-paying, lower status jobs than men and the women who are in leadership positions are often held to a higher standard. This is often referred to as the gender wage gap, the dissimilarity between male and female wages. There are many theories as to the source of this discrimination. The glass ceiling effect suggests that there are invisible barriers that prevent women from advancing in their jobs or receiving well-deserved promotions and is considered to be a contributor to this particular gender
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