Percy Bysshe Shelley Research Paper

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Throughout this paper Precy’s childhood, adult life and death will be talked about. Percy Bysshe Shelley are very prominent in his lyrical writings. One of the most well known Romantic English poets would be Percy. On August 4, 1792, Percy Bysshe Shelley was born in Broadbridge Heath, England. Percy loved to fish and hunt in the areas close to his home. Most of the time he went with his cousin or best friend. Shelley did not live at home after the age of 10; he went away to the Syon House Academy. This particular school was about 80km north of his home town. Two years after he moved away, Percy enrolled at Eton College. He was bullied by his classmates, to the point it affected him mentally. Although it was very rough for him Percy still…show more content…
Shelley was expelled for doing this. The parents of Percy became very angry at the choice he had made. His parents commanded he give his beliefs, up, included “sexual freedom”, “political radicalism”, and “vegetarianism”. There was a girl Shelley's parents had prohibited him from seeing; her name was Harriet Westbrook. In 1811 around the month of August Percy and Harriet secretly ran away. Percy often thought his love for her would steer her away from from committing self harm or even suicide. Shelley became irritated with Harriet. Shelley had taken interest in a school teacher by the name of Elizabeth Hitchener. This particular school teacher ended up inspiring Shelley to write “Queen Mab”. Queen Mab was the first major poem Shelley had written. The next year Percy met his all time favorite philosopher and role model William Godwin. Even through Shelley's relationship with Miss Westbrook did not work out, They had 2 children. Before the second child was born Shelley left Harriet. Shelley started dating a very educated and well rounded lady. Her name was Mary. This particular lady just happened to be William Godwin's daughter. Although Godwin was pleased that Shelley looked to him as a motivational and…show more content…
After he was deceased, his poetry finally became popular. The reason it became popular after he died is because Percy's father was not allowed any poems to be published after his death. Therefore, Mary took it upon herself to make her husband popular. So she finally convinced Percy's father to allow the poems to be released to the public. The verses written by Shelley is well known for being inspirational and motivational. Some of his writing are is as diverse as writing from the well known Ghandi. Shelley's examination with helping increase the freedom was honest. In the poems he wrote there was a mystical feeling, along with
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